Course or tuition - what's better?

I have been a tutor for over 10 years and am a huge advocate for how beneficial 1:1 tuition can be.

Recently, I discovered the power of learning in small groups with a trained and experienced tutor. I found exam results were starkly better and the amount of time a student needs to take out to cover the syllabus is much less, taking the pressure off their already busy lives.

Here are the benefits of helping your child with a course rather than year-long tuition:

Cost effective

Cost is important. There are those that would say you should disregard the cost when thinking about your child's education but it is entirely reasonable to expect the best help for a reasonable price that fits in with your life. Across the year on average, private tuition costs parents over £2,000 per subject. Each LearnSmart course is designed to be under a sixth of the price with continued aftercare right up to the exams. Better help, lower cost.

Independence is prioritised

Students often rely on time with a tutor to cover all revision - I have had students before who wait to do revision when I am with them and still struggle to learn on their own. Our courses teach revision techniques and put them into practice by arming each student with all they need to make effortful improvements right up to the exams. The courses are designed to help the students discover and learn on their own, meaning they are not reliant on me as a tutor. Students will then not only be successful in their exams, but also successful in anything they want to achieve in the future as they have the tools they need.

Small classes

What could be smaller than a 1:1 class? Nothing! but I have found that students learn faster and more effectively in small classes than they do in 1:1 tuition. Children learn best when they self-discover; that is my job as a tutor, to facilitate discovery, not to tell. When in a carefully balanced small class, students benefit from the insights and discovery techniques of other students whilst still getting the personalised help from me. The perfect balance.

Just as much support as tuition

The main feature which differentiates our courses is the aftercare. All students who attend a course get unlimited access to a tutor hotline right up to their exams. We provide revision packs, course outcome reminders and workbooks to continue the learning long in to the future after the course. We also provide a community of revision partners if your child struggles to revise effectively on their own. Once you attend a course, you are part of a community that will not let you slip through the net.