"Amazing academic support"

- Susan, parent from Farnham

"We can book early, plan our entire year and know both our children will do exceptionally well"

- David, parent from Weybridge

"We'll certainly be booking more!"

- Tricia, parent from Guildford

"My son found the course exceptionally useful"

- Gayle, parent from London



We deepen knowledge, spark confidence & fix exam technique



Our revision courses

Designed to dramatically improve grades in just a few days, our revision courses for GCSE and A-Level provide a hassle-free solution to exam revision. Our revision courses are cost-effective, intensive and thorough; covering the entire syllabus and providing full revision notes to take home.

Our one-to-one tuition

Our private tuition provides one-to-one support in your own home, at our premises or online. Our remote support provides personalised help on-demand by email, phone & messaging applications. All our tuition is completely personalised, flexible around family life and is designed for continuous support.



Applying to university this year?

University admissions

We provide expert & tailored help for all aspects of university admissions, including:

Personal statements, drafting and perfecting;

University entrance exams, including PAT, STEP, UKCAT, MAT & BMAT;

Tough university interviews, specialising in Oxbridge.



Everything we do is lead by an expert



Heading up the Academy


Kathryn - LearnSmart Academy Founder

kathryn@learnsmart.academy | 07887 530066

Kathryn founded LearnSmart Academy in 2016, leading all our courses and running our tuition services. She has deep knowledge of all exam boards, local schools and country-wide university application processes. She has a Masters in Physics from Oxford University (MPhys, Oxon) and was awarded an academic scholarship there. Whilst teaching in London and internationally for the past ten years, she was selected as the personal tutor for European Royalty and other high-profile families. Do get in contact directly as she'll happily give free advice and guidance!

Kathryn truly has a teaching gift. I know where we started this year and it wasn’t good. My daughter is now in a dramatically different place at school and in her ambitions for the future. I can’t recommend LearnSmart Academy enough to any parent.
— Sara, parent from London


About us

LearnSmart Academy was founded in 2016 to provide local families with exceptional academic support. We provide revision courses and private tuition to support students both in small classes and one-to-one; always prioritising exceptional tuition so that families get the best help for a more affordable investment. In addition, we work with the local community, giving one day of our time every week free of charge back to those who need immediate academic or pastoral support who are without funds. See our story to find out more!



Teach at a local school?

See our local schools page for discounts & to see how we help other local schools prepare students for exams & tough university applications