The start of something special

With 15 of our alumni students off to university this year, we wish them the very best of luck and are so proud. We have been involved with some of our students’ education for over 10 years, we will miss them.

University is the ultimate time to decide who you want to be. Be yourself and do what you love whilst you’re there. 

One bit of advice I will impart is to recognise from the first day right through to the last what a huge privilege it is to spend time in a university. A place where the atom was first detected, where elements were discovered, where string theory is debated, where the philosophy of why we are here is questioned and where the greatest minds of the past have spent their time. 


I only really thought about the significance of this in the last few months of my time at Oxford and I regret not appreciating it more. 

Good luck and go change the world.