Our mission is to bring exceptional tuition, at an affordable price, to local families.


How we're different

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Unlimited aftercare and support

It is our job to help students succeed. To succeed and continually build confidence throughout the year, students need continued support. We are the only private tuition company who provides unlimited aftercare right up to exams or university application submission. This aftercare is available to both students and parents, there is no question too small!

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Top quality tutor without top price-tag

Kathryn is an internationally acclaimed tutor and teaches all of our courses. Tuition with someone of her caliber would cost between £2,000-£3,000 per subject across the year. Our courses cost between £100-£600 depending on the duration and provide year-long support.

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Wealth of experience at higher-level schooling

There are many tutors and tutoring agencies in Surrey for the younger school years (up to age 12). There is a lack of top quality support for local students studying at secondary school and UCAS applications. We are keen local students have the same support as students in central London to ensure they have the same opportunities. We aim to be that support for local families. 



We love giving back


We believe giving back is an integral part of growing our business. Here are some of the things we do to help the local community. If you have any ideas of other ways we can help, do get in touch.

Working with the local community

Kathryn works twice weekly with vulnerable young people in the local area to help them achieve their ambitions. This includes helping children with difficult backgrounds achieve qualifications and careers they aspire to.

If you know someone who needs our help, do let us know! 

Free local forums

Kathryn runs free parent/child forums to support local families during revision.

Register your interest if you would like to attend!


See what others think

After just one course with LearnSmart, my son’s confidence was up to the point where the morning of his maths exam, he said he was excited. I can attribute his subsequent top grade to Kathryn, her expertise and patience, thank you!
— Daniel - parent